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Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down, a Starr Boat lift is the best way to keep your watercraft safe and secure, even when you are away. Weather you drive up north to your cottage or walk out of your home to your lakefront you need a dependable Boat Lift. Starr offers an assortment of well-made, dependable aluminum constructed boat lift products, including vertical boat lifts, pontoon lifts, cantilever pontoon lifts, and power winch systems, that will keep your investment in tact for years to come. We also have a large selection of boat lift accessories. Our design is simple and reliable with just a push of a button your boat will safely be lowered into the water and away you go. The reason for the simplicity is… IT JUST WORKS!

Starr Vertical Boat Lifts (for boats up to 6,000 lbs.)

IMG_2214 cutout

Starr Boat Lift Models (Capacity is wet weight of the boat including gear)
Model BL38120 BL48120 BL60120
Capacity 3800LB 4800LB 6000LB
Inside 120″ 120″ 120″
Lifting Height Up to 66″ Up to 66″ Up to 66″
Lifting Length 30″ 30″ 30″
Weight 460lb 472lb 532lb
Overall Length 133.5″ 133.5″ 133.5″
Starr Vertical Boat Lift

  • Starr boat lifts (BL) are constructed with heavy gauge aluminum which provides great strength and long lasting durability. You get what you pay for!
  • A Standard Inside width of 120 inches makes all Starr Lifts a “One size fits all” boat lift solution.
  • Overlapping cradle design – overlaps the entire width of the lift producing the most shallow operating vertical lift in the industry!
  • Full length adjustable bunks – provide a great protected surface to raise your boat out of the water. Plastic covered aluminum, maintenance free bunks are standard on all of Starr’s boat lifts.
  • V-shaped side frame allows easier access for getting into and out of your boat.
  • Stainless steel leveling cables are standard. Prevents rust and coorosion.
  • Cradle Rollers create less friction as the lift moves up and down.
  • Greasable fittings now sandard on all nylatron pulleys to provide additional lubrication.
  • Our Positive-Lock Leg Adjustment System allows for infinate adjustment.
  • No holes to find or pins to lose when adjusting leg.
Starr Vertical Boat Lift with Extra-24 Canopy

Sarr Lift PulleySarr Lift PulleyStarr’s Nylatron Lift Pulleys
Positive-Lock Leg Adjustment SystemPositive-Lock Leg
Starr Lift Cradle RollerStarr Cradle Rollers

Starr’s Positive-Lock Legs

The Competition's Pinned Lock Leg

Most of our competitors use a pinned-lock leg system, which is far more difficult to adjust. Requiring you to insert a pin into the leg of your boat lift, these systems only allow for your lift to be adjusted to height increments of roughly 4″ at a time. Furthermore, such pinned-lock systems will often require you to manipulate the pin mechanisms while they are underwater, making the job of raising or lowering the legs on your lift far more difficult than it needs to be!

Starr's Positive-Lock Leg

The innovative design of the Starr Positive-Lock Leg System eliminates all of these problems, making it one of the easiest boat lifts to adjust on the market! The Positive-Lock Leg System eliminates the need for pegs, allowing you to adjust each leg on your boat lift independently to any height you require. The locking bolts are also positioned up higher on the lift legs, and can even be placed above the water line and allowing for far easier manipulation than the standard pinned system.

Starr Pontoon Boat Lifts (for boats up to 6,000 lbs.)

Starr Pontoon Lift

Starr Pontoon Lifts (Capacity is wet weight of the boat including gear)
Model PL48120 PL60120 PL60134
Capacity 4800lb 6000lb 6000lb
Inside 120″ 120″ 134″
Lifting Height Up to 66″ Up to 66″ Up to 66″
Leg Length 30″ 30″ 30″
Weight 502lb 562lb 630lb
Overall Length 151.5″ 151.5″ 151.5″

  • Most companies try to use a modified boat lift for your pontoon. The Starr Pontoon lift is designed for pontoons 24’ and up. The Starr PL is has a 2 ½ foot longer frame creating a more stable platform, and a larger, safer structure to hold your craft. This increases the lifts stability on any lake bottom.
  • Starr boat lifts (PL) are constructed with high strength aluminum
  • Overlapping cradle design – overlaps the entire width of the lift producing the most shallow operating vertical lift in the industry!
  • Full length adjustable bunks – provide a great protected surface to raise your boat out of the water. PVC covered aluminum, maintenance free bunks are standard on Starr’s boat lifts
  • Stainless steel leveling cables are standard
  • V-brace design allows easier boat accessibility
Starr Pontoon Lift BunksStarr Pontoon Lift with Blue CanopyStarr Pontoon Lift with Tan Canopy

Starr Boat & Pontoon Lift Accessories

Starr Full Length Bunks

Starr Full Length Boat Lift Bunks

  • Maintenance free and hassle free when compared to traditional wood bunks.
  • Aluminum with ABS plastic covering.
  • Contours to boat hull.
  • Can be offset in lift to allow easier boat access.
  • Bunks adjust both vertically and horizontally.

Starr Pro Guide-In System

  • Uses the rub rail of your boat instead of the side of your boat
  • Adjustable to conform to any boat

Starr Adjustable Motor Stop

  • Positions your boat in the same location every time.
  • Protects the rear frame of the lift and your boat outdrive

Universal Starr Pro Wheel Kits

Starr Universal Wheel KitWheeled Starr Boat LiftLeveling a Starr Boat Lift Leg

  • Starr Pro Wheel kits do the heavy lifting for you with a 1/4 “ drill motor and 1 1/8″ socket.
  • Starr Pro Wheel kits lift you boat lift off the lake bottom and onto the wheels.
  • Star Pro Wheel Kits put the wheels at the corners where they belong, along your lift to roll over obstacles with ease.
  • Makes leveling your lift a breeze. Set your legs once and forget it!
  • Fits almost any type of boat lift.

Power options

Starr Pro Winch System – 4000lb-6000lb BL & PL

Starr Boat Lift Motor

  • Quick, smooth, and reliable!
  • Industry leading technology with a soft start.
  • Ball bearings instead of bushings.
  • Cable winders to help prevent cable stacking.
  • No exposed pulleys, chains, or gears.
  • Available in AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC.
  • Also available with pendant or wireless remote.
  • 3 year full warranty.

Lorenz Manual Winch

Starr Manual Lorrenz Winch

  • Simple, proven design. IT JUST WORKS!
  • Manual with 42″ wheel.
  • 1000lb to 7000lb capacity.
  • All manual winches incorporate roller chains and sprockets.
  • Comes standard with brake mechanism.

Starr Pro Motors – 3800-6500lb BL and PL

Boat Lift Boss 120 Volt Motor

  • Faster and quieter than hydraulic.
  • Fewer potential problems than hydraulic.
  • Available in AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC.
  • Convenient up/down pendant that allows operation from your boat.
  • Also available with a waterproof wireless remotes.
  • 3 year full warranty.

Solar Panel

Lift Tech Marine Solar Panel 10 Watt

  • Keeps battery charged.
  • Available for 12 and 24 volt.

Wireless Remote

Starr Wireless Lift Remote

  • Operates your lift from the palm of your hand.
  • Interior and exterior light kits available.
  • Limit switch available.

Pontoon/Tritoon Bunks and Guides

Starr Pontoon Bunks/Guide-In System (Lifts from Bed of Pontoon)


  • 12″ surface to safely guide your pontoon/tritoon out of your lift without worry about damaging your lift, and taking the guess work out of loading and unloading your boat
  • Bunks extend beyond the lift to catch you before you enter the lift
  • Adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Our designers, looked at every available option for bunks, and found, that wood was far and away the best choice, allowing safer and easier maneuverability then aluminum/poly bunks. Simply put they just work!

Starr Full-Length Pontoon/Tritoon bunks (lifts from bed)

  • THE FIRST FULLY ADJUSTABLE PONTOON/TRITOON BUNK! With every pontoon manufacturer having a Pontoon bunkdifferent idea on what a pontoon should look like. Starr has designed a pontoon bunk to conform to any toon. These pontoon bunks will lay flat if you have a lifting strike, angle for a side of a toon, and also have infant adjustment to support an elliptical or larger center toon.
  • Great for shallow water
  • Maintenance and hassle free

Starr Full-Length Pontoon/Tritoon Guide-in

  • ANOTHER INOVATIVE DESIGN! This full length guide makes is a breeze to get your pontoon or tritoon in and out of your lift.
  • Great way to protect your investment
  • Maintenance and hassle free
  • Adjust both vertically and horizontally

Need a Canopy?

Starr Lift Canopies

Whether you own a Starr Boat or PWC Lift or one from another manufacturer, Starr Canopy systems have you covered! Come check out our amazing selection of canopy options & styles!

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