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Starr Canopy systems have more to offer!

  • Greater boat protection. With Starr’s extra deep fabric and framework, your canopy will not blow in or up
  • Classy canopy style with tailor-fit fabric for a refined look
  • Canopy fabric is held taut with Starr’s easy-to-use fabric attachment system
  • Starr Canopies are made to fit most lift models, and they offer a much higher quality fabric selection than many other manufacturer canopy covers
  • Starr canopies are made using premium-grade fabric. They have a more luxurious look and weighs 50% less than comparable vinyl fabrics
  • Many canopy sizes are available to accommodate a variety of watercraft lengths
  • Canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally for perfect boat coverage

Starr Docks and Lifts only offers fabric options that will meet our customers’ needs. We regularly tests fabrics for tear strength, abrasion resistance, coating adhesion, stitch and seam strength, cold flex and wind whip – in order to create the most suitable covers for your marine application.

Starr Pro Canopy Systems offer 4 depth and style options!

Starr Canopy Systems are much deeper than the competition, and are available in 4 different styles. Our Standard Canopy is 38″ deep from the peak to the lower valance, providing superior protection for your watercraft in most situations.

Need a deeper canopy? Try our Extra 12″ Style canopy which offers a depth of 50″, or our ultra-deep Extra 24″ style canopies with an incredible 62″ depth.

Our Open Ended canopy will minimize the impact of high-wind sites by preventing air from becoming trapped beneath the canopy fabric, and the open ends make this our least visually intrusive canopy systems.

Starr Standard Canopy
Starr Standard Canopy
Starr Extra 24" Canopy
Starr Extra 12″ Canopy
Starr Extra 12" Canopy
Starr Extra 24″ Canopy
Starr Open-Ended Canopy
Starr Open-Ended Canopy

Two Excellent Fabric Choices

Starr Premium Fabric
Starr Premium Fabric Colors
  • NAVY
  • SURF
  • ONYX

Starr Premium Fabric is a “Premium Woven Polyester, American-Made Fabric” that has an extremely durable “pigment-stable” acrylic coating on both sides of the material. The acrylic coating retains a beautiful soft cloth appearance and insures a long lift-cover life. Starr Premium Fabric was designed for high UV and high-moisture environments and is superior to all other leading fabrics we have tested.

Starr Premium Vinyl
Starr Premium Vinyl Colors
  • TAN
  • GRAY

This “Made in America Premium Fabric” is engineered to meet and exceed the industries highest performance criteria. Starr Premium Vinyl is an 18-oz. PVC-coated high-tenacity polyester material that will not rot, shrink or stretch and offers unparalleled adhesion (to reduce wind whip), color match and colorfastness. This is the best PVC-coated fabric we have ever worked with from anywhere in the world. These covers are constructed by using heat-welded seams in the main body of the cover to create a waterproof environment for your boat.

Cleaning your Canopy

In order to keep your canopy system looking good, you should take the time to hose down your canopy fabric on a monthly basis with clean water. This helps prevent dirt and mildew from building up and becoming embedded in the fabric. In most cases and with proper care, your Starr Canopy System should only require a thorough cleaning every two to three years, though you may need to maintain your canopy system more often in harsher environments. Deep cleaning your canopy fabric occasionally will also help to prolong the life of your canopy and to keep it looking its best. In order too thoroughly clean your canopy fabric, you should follow the simple procedure outlined below:

  1. Remove any loose dirt with a brush.
  2. Thoroughly hose down the canopy fabric.
  3. Prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild natural soap (no detergents).
  4. Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  5. Allow soap to soak in.
  6. After several minutes you may wish repeat steps 4 and 5 to remove any hard set stains.
  7. Rinse thoroughly.
  8. Allow the canopy to air dry completely before storage. Never store your canopy while wet.

You can also refer to this video for a tutorial on the entire canopy cleaning process.

Canopy Extensions

Canopy extensions make our extra deep canopy even deeper. Starr’s canopy extensions give you extra clearance so you can bring boats with wakeboard towers and pontoons with covers into your boat lift without having to fold anything down.

Canopy Ajustors
Canopy extensions are great for watercraft with:

  • Wakeboard towers
  • Bimini tops
  • Full enclosures

Additional Side Protection

For those who require more coverage and protection, Starr offers a canopy extension kit. Canopy extension kits add an additional 18″ of side coverage to Starr’s already extra deep canopies. These kits are available in all of our popular fabric colors.

New in 2017 – The Starr Power Tilt Canopy System

Starr Docks & Boat Lifts is pleased to be introducing our new Power Tilt Canopy System for the 2017 season. This innovative canopy system will tilt up to 24 inches in the back to allow for taller boat towers and Bimini tops to easily fit underneath.

Starr Power Tilt Canopy
Starr Power Tilt Canopy
Starr Power Tilt Canopy
Adds up to 24″
Starr Power Tilt Canopy ActuatorStarr Power Tilt Canopy Bracket
  • 12V Power System works with existing power supply.
  • Available for our Standard, Extra 12″, and Extra 24″ style Canopy Systems.
  • Lifts the rear of the canopy frame up to 24″.
  • Adaptable to any current Starr Canopy.
  • Available with Rear Access Door, Side Access Door, or Front Access Door.

Replacement Canopies

With our selection of quality replacement canopies and covers, we are sure to have the one you are looking for! Starr canopies are also designed to work with products from many manufacturers, including almost every model of boat lift on the market today! Call us a 734-213-2128 for pricing and information.
Custom covers are available in several marine fabrics & colors, & are offered with numerous fit & accessory options for a truly custom fit.

Don’t get caught in the wind with a shallow canopy frame!

Don't let this happen to you!

With many competitor’s canopy frames, your canopy can fold under and expose your boat to the very damage from the environment that it is supposed to be protecting against! With the Starr Deep Canopy Frame, you can be sure that your boat will remain protected, even in the strongest of winds.

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