Starr Roll-In Dock

Starr Roll-In Docks

  • In most situations, our Roll-In Docks are the easiest docks to install. These systems allow you to install your dock earlier and remove it later in the season, giving you more time to enjoy you lakefront.
  • Available in “Kool Dock” (Anodized Aluminum), Gray Powder Coated Aluminum, Cedar Breeze Aluminum, or Sand Beige Aluminum. All options will not get hot!
  • Wheel kits on every section provide a more stable and easier to remove dock system.
  • Each Leg adjusts individually. No additional post are necessary with this system.
  • Tires are drilled to fill up with water and keep your dock in place. Sealed tires are available for mucky applications.
  • Offers ultra-high strength to weight ratio.

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Starr Aluminum Roll In Dock Systems are the ultimate in rolling wheel docks. In most situations, roll-in docks and piers are the easiest docks to install. This system allows you to install earlier in the season and remove later in the season giving you more time to enjoy your lakefront. Truss design allows waves to flow through the dock frame, enhancing stability and durability Starr’s Roll-In System is available in four decking choices that stay cool to the touch.


Anodized Aluminum Finish Grey Powder Coated Finish Cedar Breeze Powder Coated Finish Sand Beige Powder Coated Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Grey Powder Coat

Cedar Breeze Powder Coat

Sand Beige Powder Coat

Starr Truss Dock Sections are available in the following sizes: 4′ x 8′, 4′ x 12′ , 4′ x 16′, 6′ x 12′, 8′ x 8′, 8′ x 12′, 8′ x 16′

Starr Roll-in Dock Legs & Wheel Kits

Starr's Standard Leg Adjustment Points
Starr Standard Leg

  • This simple design has stood the test of time.
  • Infinite adjustment.
  • Perfect for sandy or firm lake bottoms.
  • Double braced for stability.
  • Each leg adjust individually.
  • Clean look with no posts.
Starr Economy Leg
Starr Economy Leg

  • When minimal adjustment is needed.
  • Great for sandy or firm lake bottoms.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Low cost.
Starr Level Easy Legs
Starr Level Easy Legs™: Level your Dock Without Getting Wet!

  • Take all the work out of leveling your dock. With a cordless drill motor you can level your dock while you are standing on it.
  • We use an aluminum threaded rod with a composite nut. Nothing to rust or corrode!
  • Excellent for mucky lake bottoms, deep water applications or varying water levels.
  • The system eliminates cables, winches, and the need for additional supports found in other roll-in systems.
  • Legs adjust independently. This key feature separates us from the competition.
  • Clean look with no posts.Starr Dock Sand Pad
  • Sand pads are available in place of wheels.
Starr Roll-In Double-Braced Legs
Double Braced for Extra Stability

  • This is what makes Starr Roll-In Docks the most stable in the industry.
  • Prevents dangerous side-to-side sway found in other dock systems.
Starr Pro-Link System
Starr Pro-Link System: Fast, Simple, Smart!

  • Add on and reconfigure dock systems as you see fit.
  • Connect and disconnect your sections without tools.
  • Use these anywhere on your dock system to add sundecks, fingers, and slips.

Infinite Configuration Options!

Starr Dock sections can be arranged into many of configurations to give your pier a unique look and feel. With Starr Aluminum dock sections, we can help you build your dream dock setup in any of an infinite variety of configurations. Add a “L” anytime you want. Or add a “corner wedge” for just a little more room! Whether you are looking to add a simple dock section to your waterfront or you want to put in a complex, multi-slip pier, Starr Roll-In Docks have everything that you need to help bring your vision to reality. A wide variety of dock accessories are also available. Add-on sections can be attached to one or both sides. Shown below are just a few possible layouts.

I-Shape E-Shape Y-Shape Slip with Platform Small T-Shape
Platform L-Shape P-Shape Simple T-Shape Multiple Slips

Starr Docks & Lifts | Manufactured by Great Lakes Entry Systems

Michigan Made for over 25 Years



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